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Specialist Services


Electrics are part of building regulations whether you are getting a complete rewire, making significant alterations or having additional installations fitted. Faulty electrics can be a serious fire risk or can even cause electrocution. So obviously, it is very important to ensure that all your electrical installations and appliances fall within current regulations and even more importantly are not putting your home or family at risk.

If you are planning on moving into a new home which is older than 30 years old it is important that you get the electrics checked out.

Getting your home rewired can be a messy job so it is crucial that if you are moving into a new property that you get the rewiring done before considering any redecorating or re-plastering.


Burglary is an upsetting experience – it’s not just damage to your business premises, it’s the loss of goods and money, and the disruption to your business operations.

It’s why installing an intruder alarm system is an excellent way to deter opportunists – it reduces the risk of would-be criminals accessing your business premises.

We can promise you the very highest quality with regards to the installation and maintenance of your CCTV System. We employ a wide variety of specialist CCTV equipment to meet your exact specification and requirements. All of which enables us to provide you and your family or staff with a CCTV System that you can trust.

Whether you’re looking for a simple system with just one CCTV camera, or a remotely monitored, fully functional dome camera system, we can bring you complete peace of mind that your property is 100% protected.

we also find more basic plug and play systems the likes of NEST and RING are becoming increasingly popular with our domestic customers.

With new technology emerging almost daily we ensure we keep up to date with all the latest products and technology.


We are now able to supply and install a variety of home automation, multi room audio, audio visual and control options for your home or office etc.

We are specialists in the installation of Niko home control systems, Lutron Grafik Eye and Sonos.

Think of an electrical installation that simplifies your life. An installation that gives you full control of your home at the touch of a button. Monitor your energy consumption, make your home safer for you and your family and make your home work the way you want it to.

We can help guide you through the design and installation of a new system from something as simple as installing a remote control light bulb to a full on home cinema system.


NEST PRO  JPJ Electricals are trained and qualified Nest Pro installers we can install any of the award winning Nest products in and around your home so it’s safe, smart and secure.

Using ‘official’ specialist tools we will have your Nest products up and running quickly and you will have peace of mind knowing that they’re installed properly, turning your house into a connected home is fast and painless.


Many UK homes are still equipped with an old style fuse box. We strongly recommend that you upgrade your fuse box to a new style consumer unit. This will provide better electrical safety to your property but more importantly, your family or tenants. A consumer unit will also ensure your home is up to the current standards of the electrical regulations.

In January 2015, IEE Wiring Regulations (BS7671) Amendment 3 will be published. A major change in Amendment 3 concerns consumer units, the term for a modern day domestic fuse box. New regulation 401.1.201 will state that in domestic environments, consumer units and similar switchgear must be constructed from non-combustible material.

Unless fully qualified, please don’t attempt to upgrade your fuse box yourself or have a rogue trader do it for you, trust me, it’s just not worth the proposed risks or your family’s safety.


Pat testing (portable appliance testing) is the process of visually  and electrically testing any electrical equipment for safety whether for work or personal use.

The reason we have pat testing is to ensure that an appliance is electrically safe for all those who use it. We visually check the appliance for any defects like damage or missing components. The appliance goes through a number of electrical checks such as continuity, insulation resistance and polarity.

It is essential that all electrical appliances are checked yearly to ensure your safety and others who may use the appliance. Electrical items such as; electrical tools, appliances, power leads, extension leads and all other workplace and home electrical equipment should receive a yearly check.


Tripped circuits or blown fuses can occur at any time, leaving you without lights or power. Our highly skilled electricians with many years’ experience of electrical fault finding in both commercial and domestic properties across London can be with you at short notice to trace and repair these faults.

Most types of electrical fault such as fuse board problems, nuisance tripping, blown fuses, tripped RCDs, lighting and power faults can be rectified and repaired on the same visit by our electrical fault finding electricians.

An initial inspection of fittings and fixtures will be carried out to check for loose connections signs of burning or dampness. If no obvious faults are detected we will proceed to carrying out an in-depth electrical fault finding test using calibrated electrical fault finding test equipment.On completion of these tests, if remedial work is required to reinstate power or rectify the fault at hand, then a full quotation will be issued before commencement of any further work.